Mindful Meditation

I am working on adding a meditation practice to my daily routine. Partly, because the world is fucked and I need to find some kind of coping mechanism but I have also realized that I spend so much time distracted and worrying about all the things I need to do or want to do orContinue reading “Mindful Meditation”

White Silence – My

White silence is violence. What about those of us without a platform? I have a very small group of friends and none of them are ignorant of or supportive of the existence of systemic racism. As someone who works from home, I have very little interaction outside of immediate family. In a rural, predominantly whiteContinue reading “White Silence – My”

#SlowAF – My

I went for a run today. It was wonderful. Cold, drizzly, my knee hurt, my feet got wet, and I pushed myself really hard. Three of the four miles were under 14 minutes each. The 4th one was… well, there was a big hill. Let’s leave it at that. I know this isn’t a fastContinue reading “#SlowAF – My”


Every time a storm comes now, I stay up all night, obsessing over the radar, texting Devin and Nichol, imagining the worst. I worry about making it to Annabelle in time and about where we’ll go when I get to her. I wonder if Stephanie was sleeping or if she had desperately been trying toContinue reading “Premonitions”

Loss and Looking Forward

Hundreds of thousands of people are dying. There’s no toilet paper at the store. I haven’t visited my parents in a month. But today, the sun was shining, and I bought steaks. I don’t have time for this. I really don’t. I am working full time, mom-ing full time, going to school part time… SomewhereContinue reading “Loss and Looking Forward”

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