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White silence is violence. What about those of us without a platform? I have a very small group of friends and none of them are ignorant of or supportive of the existence of systemic racism. As someone who works from home, I have very little interaction outside of immediate family. In a rural, predominantly white community, we are relatively untouched by both the pandemic and racial tensions.

That is not to say that people here aren’t racist – they certainly are but those that I know have generally learned to watch their comments in front of me. Honestly, the lack of diversity is the thing I most regret about where we live. I want my child to be exposed to more people than just those that look like her and I want her to recognize and celebrate the differences of those around her.

In the spirit of trying to bloom where I am planted, I keep mulling over what I can do. Aside from listening and offering support to those I know; I don’t have an answer. I think that it is everyone’s fight but I am on the fringes and it feels like the only option I have is to wait, to listen, and to educate my child as she grows.

…I don’t have anything more insightful to say. I am angered that we live in a world where a host of armed white men can storm a capital building because they can’t get a haircut and people just roll their eyes but a black man who presented a counterfeit bill at a gas station (And working for a bank has taught me that there are more of these in circulation than one would think) could cost a man his life. I wish the world was better and I wish I felt like I was doing more to make it so.

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  1. I just ordered “How to be an Anti-racist” by Ibram X. Kendi, in part because even though I’ve been in the social justice world for a long time now, I want to know more about how to do this the right way. Just from the handful of quotes I’ve come across, it should make for a powerful read.


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